5 Gallon Plastic Colored Buckets

5 Gallon Plastic Buckets <p>Quantity 12 @ $4.10 each<p>Call 319-310-4838 for better pricing
5 Gallon Plastic Buckets

Quantity 12 @ $4.10 each

Call 319-310-4838 for better pricing

Item# 5COLOR12

Product Description

Call 319-310-4838 for better pricing, additional colors or quantities.

Shipping costs are figured after completing purchase for web orders.

Customer service will contact you with the total after the order is completed.

These quality shipping, storage and utility containers are the standard of the food and chemical industry. Buckets can be hot filled up to 180F. Buckets are made with FDA Compliant materials except black color.

5 gallon bucket specifications :

18.927 L> Round bucket> Wire bale and Plastic Grip> HDPE> 90 mil thickness is considered heavy duty> height = 14 5/8" > top outside diameter = 11 7/8"> bottom outside diameter = 10.5"

Bucket is printed with child drowning label as required by law.

Shipping to the East coast and West coast can average $3.00-$4.00+ per pail unit for small box sized orders. Palletized orders for larger orders can have a better shipping average and needs to go to a commercial location with a dock and forklift to get the best rate.

To get a complete quote with shipping totals give us a call and tell us what size, color, and quantity you are looking for. We'll need

city and zip

commercial or residential location, metro area or rural

dock or no dock.

Matching lids are 345series and Gamma lids. Call 319-310-4838 M-F to place an order with customer service.